What's up creative badass? Feeling overwhelmed by the non-creative side of your business?

Take The Unload Your Operations Overwhelm 18 Day Challenge!
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Help Me Build My Ops Manual

Creating an Operations Manuals or Ops Manuals ensures your business can stay viable even if you can’t be there to keep it going.

Help Me Master Mailerlite

Are you ready to use Mailerlite to build your list but feeling overwhelmed by the setup and maintenance? Let me help!

Custom Operations Management

Feeling so overwhelmed you’re ready for one on one help managing your operations?

Don’t Drown In Ops Overwhelm!

Ahoy! I’m Kelli, and I’m the Captain of Operations or COO here at Even Keel Ops.

I help creative badasses just like you get the operations side of their small businesses in order.

What the hell are operations you say?

Your business operations or ops are all the non-creative tasks you have to do to keep your business running.

Some examples of the tasks operations cover include project management, finance, marketing, and social media.

Operations Managers like myself strive to ensure a business is running as efficiently as possible while still earning a profit.

Sounds AMAZING right?

You can check out the About page for a little more information or if you’re ready to get started head on over to the Work With Me pages!

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