DIY Brand Style Sheet

When you were setting up your business, your designer probably gave you a gorgeous but completely useless brand style guide. You promptly saved it in your operations manual and forgot about it. Am I right?

Don’t get me wrong I LURV my brand style guide. Mostly because I like pretty things but also because it makes me feel officially official.

I also LURV efficiency and things I can use in my day to day business.

Enter Stage Right: The Brand Reference Document

As I worked on building my business, I realized I needed my HEX codes more often than I care to count. In very rare cases I need my RGB codes too. I could open my brand style guide and type in my HEX or RGB codes, but that feels time-consuming.

Yes, 3 minutes feels time-consuming. I might be a tad impatient. So I came up with a more efficient way. Using a Google Sheet and my codes I created a document I can easily copy and paste from any time I need my HEX or RGB codes.

Tell Me More! I Want One Too!

Step 1: Open a blank Google or Excel Sheet.

Step 2: Move your cursor to row 1 column A box 1 and choose the highlight cell option. (Paint Can with Drip in Google Sheets)

Step 3: Click Custom

Step 4: Enter the HEX Code of your color. Repeat in box 2, 3, 4, in column A until you have all your colors set up. I like to leave a blank row between each color.

Step 5: In column B write the name of the color you used next to the cell you highlighted in your custom color.

Step 6: In column C write the label HEX next to each color name.

Step 7: In column D type the HEX color code that corresponds to the highlight and name you used in columns A and B.

Step 8: In column E write the label RGB next to each HEX color code.

Step 9: In column F type the RGB color code that corresponds to the highlight, name, and HEX codes used in columns A, B, and E.

Step 10: Use your newly created sheet to copy and paste your HEX or RGB codes anytime you need to use them.


Need A Little More Guidance? 

You’re in luck I’ve created a template brand reference document in Google Sheets to get you started. You can download it below!

Brand Reference Sheet Template


Kelli is the COO or Captain of Operations at Even Keel Ops. Her passion is helping overwhelmed entrepreneurs get their operations organized. When she’s not busy helping others unload their overwhelm you can find her on the beach with a book.
DIY Brand Style Sheet

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