Solopreneur Struggles

Last week in Facebook group one of the admin posts was “What do we need to see more of in the online business world?”

The answers that stood out to me the most went something like “more vulnerability and less vacation.”

I Call Bullshit

If that’s what we all wanted to see we’d spend our time putting our vulnerabilities out there instead of our vacations. Not only that we would follow and support solopreneurs, we see doing that. You know who I see doing what the people ask for? Cara Chace.

She’ll tell you about her launch bomb or business pivot with honesty and vulnerability. It’s something I see missing from other online entrepreneur’s. Don’t believe me? Join her Facebook group and check out her weekly lives. Valuable info and vulnerability with no fluff or bullshit! It’s there if you really are looking.

My Turn To Be Vulnerable

If you’ve subscribed to my monthly newsletter you know, June was a kick ass month for me. If you haven’t get over there to my sidebar and get on the list for the next issue. I signed three new clients and felt like I was making some great progress in my business.

Then July showed up.

In July I had:

  • A client not pay
  • A client who signed in June who ghosted
  • A client who had to put a stop on our working relationship because of non-payment issues in her own business.

What the fuck?! No really, WTF!?

I’m not going to lie. At first, I felt sad and defeated. I’d been giving 110%, and I felt like I’d been making progress. Getting knocked on my ass after such a big high was humbling. Maybe my dream of being my own boss was a case of the grass is greener.

Maybe you should give up I whispered to myself as I fell asleep.

Hell No my brain yelled at me when I woke up the the next morning. Don’t give up you want this too much, and you’ve worked too hard. So come up plan, Stan!

The Plan

The plan as it stands today is to do a pivot in my business. This is the scariest business decision I’ve made to date, but it feels like the right one.

I still want to offer online ops and virtual assistant services to a few select clients. Highly vetted and provided by referral only in most cases. I LOVE working with online business owners one on one. I love getting to know someone’s business. I LOVE making suggestions to improve someone’s ops and efficiency. I even LOVE doing the work that makes them feel like they might want to give up on their business dream.

I don’t LOVE not getting paid. I don’t LOVE not being communicated with.

That leads me to what comes next. In a few months, I will say good-bye to the name 3K VA. It hasn’t suited me for a while. Even before I planned out my business pivot, I knew the term virtual assistant/VA wasn’t for me.

I will add additional services that anyone can take advantage of. I want to help more creative badasses run efficient and organized businesses.

I’m going to do more videos, I’m going to provide more in-depth how to’s, and I’m going to organize workshops to help creatives walk step by step through making their ops more efficient without paying for a VA.

So What Happens When A Solopreneur Struggles?

We adjust our sails and keep going. Have you struggled as a solopreneur? I’d love to hear about how you adjusted your sails and kept going!


Kelli is an Administrative Magician and Online Operations Guru. Her passion is focusing on what makes your business go so you can focus on what makes your business grow. When she’s not busy controlling your chaos you can find her on the beach with a book.
Solopreneur Struggles

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